Change of dates

The start dates for ICAD have been shifted by one day.

The conference tutorials now start on Tuesday October 9, not October 8 as previously announced.

Poster ICAD2018 available

For those of you who would like to advertise the ICAD2018 conference, e.g. to students or colleagues , the poster for the conference can be downloaded here.

Thanks for advertising ICAD2018!

Thanks to Gheorghe Asachi Technical University for beautiful ICAD2017

The ICAD committee would like to thank the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University, Faculty of Machine Manufacturing and Industrial Management for their fantastic efforts in organising the ICAD2017 Conference. Not only the hospitality, the dinners in the beautiful city of Iasi, and positive energy were great, but also the facilities and how the whole organisation was smoothly organised and managed.

Finally, the tours through the city and its environment showed us the best places in the region of Romanian Moldavia.

Thank you all, so much!