ICAD Conference Meeting

Conference Meeting

The Conference Meeting discusses relevant topics for the conference organisation, developments in the field of Axiomatic Design, and other subjects that are relevant for the AD community.

The meeting wil be held on Thursday October 11th 2018 at 13:00 hrs in room V104.

Tentative agenda below. Additional agenda items may be proposed by sending an email to Chris Brown with the subject line “ADIC agenda”.

Agenda of the conference meeting

Agenda for Axiomatic Design International Committee (AD IC)
Reykjavik University

1. Welcome and introductions

2. Appoint a recording secretary

3. Approve the agenda

4. Proposals for ICAD 2020

4.1. Selection of 2020 meeting

5. AD Research Foundation

5.1. Formation of “Axomatic Design Research Foundation (ADRF)”

5.1.1. Is this a good name?

5.2. Proposed creation of the foundation as a U.S. non-profit entity (for tax reasons)

5.3. Formation of the Board of Trustees

5.3.1. Statutory members: Dr. BJ Park and Nam Suh,

5.3.2. rotating members: one-year term (last chair of the ICAD — Joseph Foley), two year term: chair for the next ICAD — Ang Liu), and three year term: (chair of the 2020 ICAD)

5.4. Formalization of the Dr. & Mrs. BJ Park Award as part of the Foundation activity

5.5. Possible projects of ADRF

5.5.1. Erik Puik’s proposals

5.5.2. Educational efforts Education: Academy, Standards and Certifications Case study web site

5.6. Hiring of a law firm in the U.S. to create the non-profit foundation

5.7. Other items of interest related to ADRF

6. Select chair for AD IC

7. Other old business

8. Other new business

9. Next meeting of AD IC

Minutes last years meeting